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The ultimate HELP!

We will help you fix mis-configured Miners/Rigs

Do you have problems setting up your mining rig / pool / miner?

We WILL help you!

- 24/7 Support
- Full pool monitoring and debugging!
- Friendly Admin and Family of Miners!
- There is NO REQUIREMENT about which pool you gonna use after we set you up!

Find US in #Pool-Gold | GET HELP NOW!

  • - Official Announcements channel: Pool Gold's Twitter
  • - Official Support channel: #Pool-Gold
  • - Pool Fee: 0%
  • - Uptime: 100%
  • - 24/7 Support
  • - Custom MiningCore Pool Software
  • - Custom Website and Statistics
  • - Managed by BTG Team member
  • - Newbies friendly!

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New Donation Pool

Few hours of your Hashpower can help Bitcoin Gold

  • - Donation Pool address: pool.gold
  • - PORT: 1234
  • - You can use any wallet address or worker name
  • - All coins mined from miners connected to this pool are sent to BTG Organization multisig wallet

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A little bit of history of Pool.Gold

Pool.Gold's history lesson

1. Pool Gold was operated by founding team member of BTG. However the only thing that is the same from that time is the domain name and the fact that pool is now developed and administrated by a different BTG member.

2. There was a problem with the pool upon initial launch of BTG and fork. However all miners who could present proof they lost something, were compensated. Any other FUD out there is/was intentional for reasons explained below.

3. Existence of Bitcoin Gold was hindered by many entities over the months after the fork. Pool.Gold as an entity that could be attacked outside the normal network operation, was indeed attacked with FUD over multiple Social channels and other (we can not disclose) methods for the sole purpose to cause direct damage to the Organization behind the coin.

For this very reason, Bitcoin Gold Organization took decision to discontinue to officially endorse the pool as official entity. However, Pool.Gold will always stay administrated and operated by trustable team member under the Organization supervision. We believe this was important step to be made to further protect the Organization from intentional attacks.

4. Pool.Gold operation is extremely transparent, with helpful Administrator and support. Providing precious support to anyone who wants to be part of crypto and mining. While there are people who still attack the pool with FUD. None of their claims can be confirmed or taken seriously.

5. Pool.Gold is the only pool currently operating under MiningCore Pool Software and the miners who trusted it are like one big family that grows on daily basis.