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New POOL servers and migration

Important information!

October 20th, full pool migration to new setup!

We are glad to announce that our new pool setup is under heavy testing and will be deployed on October 20th! Here is what is going to be different for you:

- New regional servers (EU and US) that you can use for minimal latency mining!
- Pool.Gold is now running on the latest release of MiningCore which provides countless improvements over the old one.
- Pool.Gold introduces initial operation fee of 1.5%, which can be further reduced depending on the miner count, pool luck and blocks we manage to mine.
- No changes needed. If you agree to the new terms, you don't have to do anything. Your miner will be automatically redirected to the new servers when time comes.
- Switch will be made rigth after we find a block, to minimize the downside of shares not taken into account. Any previous blocks found by the pool will be paid by the pool when they mature. If there are balances, that didn't cover the minimum payment limit, they will be manually sent to the miners before shutting down the old installation.

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- 24/7 Support
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- Friendly Admin and Family of Miners!
- There is NO REQUIREMENT about which pool you gonna use after we set you up!

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